Monday, February 19, 2018

Moving Pictures

Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine in moving pictures! Created as a learning experiment in SAI and given an old 1920s look with the help of Photoshop's Timeline. ​Animation in its entirety to the right.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Comic Compositions

Been pumping out art for my comic and learning to better draw environments!

In my heart though, I'm in it for the characters. This surprisingly deviates from the comics watercolor style, but I felt it necessary for these pieces.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Look Out for Monsters!

As the Announcer, it's my job to announce things.
Your job is to kill things. Go you!

Nothing good lies beyond this door.

Nothing but monsters!

I've been currently working on another mobile venture game with a group of friends. An RPG with a puzzle twist and lots of personality. These are but a few of many many monsters you will fight.

That's all I can share so far! Later!

~Bleep Bloop~

Low Poly Challenge - Cassi

I've been currently working on a comic, which I had once pictured to be an RPG game, and I decided to try converting the main character Cassi into 3D and in the watercolor-esque style I had pictured the game. The trick was also making her low poly as she would look small on the screen anyway. Much similar to recent Pokemon games like version X and Y.

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Master of dimensions... Pleaser of crowds... I am... Dimentio!

I'm a big fan of the Paper Mario game series and was always curious as to what the flat 2D characters would look like if they were to be created into 3D, like for spin-off games. Probably my most favorite Paper Mario character is Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. A character made up of hard geometric angles, which accompanies his magic abilities with warping dimensions - a big theme with the game itself. I've drawn him hundreds of times each time getting a closer understanding for such a conversion into 3D space. 

Dimentio as he is in Super Paper Mario
The particular challenge was his outlines and the squares on his head, which I may add seem to defy the laws of space. I wanted to give the constant appearance that they were always facing the camera in a perfect diamond shape. I feel there are only further challenges with his cape which seem to add diamonds upon itself like a hidden chain whenever he raises his hands, but for the time being I think he came out just as envisioned.

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